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Marvel superfan arranges every MCU scene in chronological order, loses his Head, goes Uncontrollable:’Took a global pandemic’

“Took me a worldwide pandemic and also a damn quarantine, but I did it. I figured out the exact chronological arrangement of all of the MCU films (so far) BY SCENE. I am from my Goddamn mind. You are welcome.”

The enthusiast continued, putting some caveats, “Clearly, this just covers the 23 MCU films up to now. I just counted flashbacks if they are readily isolated from their various movies present. ”’

“There are several cases where I let the films some creative editing permit (such as the chain at Thor: The Dark Planet once it retains cutting back-and-forth, heist movie-style, involving Thor planning together with all the Warriors Three, and also them executing that strategy )…” Tony continued. “And admittedly a good deal of this is only my headcanon conjecture, but I have double- and – triple-checked my job here as well as my understanding, none of that is conflicting. Love, people as mad as me”

Tony’s tweet was’enjoyed’ over 13000 occasions, bringing fascinated remarks from fellow Marvel fans. “So now traveling components of Endgame go in the Endgame rather than with the regions of the films they were leaping into?” 1 man asked, to which Tony responded, “VERY good question. .it depends. Like Smart Hulk states, they are not undoing the past, they are producing an all-new timeline, therefore for the large part, the time-traveling scenes ought to be viewed with the remainder of Endgame. .with a couple of scant exceptions”

He added, “My principle was, I could just back up the Endgame time-traveling scenes in their proper’time’ at non-redundant cases in which a complete scene, using a suitable beginning, middle and end, was unaffected from the near future Avengers’ time-heist shenanigans. So, essentially only 3 scenes: The very first 2014-era scene involving Gamora, Nebula, and Thanos to the second at which Nebula’s synapses begin Id **king upward, ” The Avengers telling Hulk to take the staircase, Hulk yelling’SO MANY STAIRS! ”’

“Dude are you currently….alright?” 1 man asked Tony, to which he responded, “I have never been fine in my entire life and I do not need to endure for these baseless allegations.” Tony responded with a GIF of Thanos stating, “Everything.”

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is the most prosperous movie franchise ever.