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Mask-wearing Hong Kong Pupils turn Collaboration into protest

The pupils were also defending their rights to freedom of speech and expression — rights which they dread are being chipped off from Beijing’s control over the land, Anson Yip, vice president of this university’s student marriage, told NBC News. “We aren’t controlling ourselves, we’re commanded by the Chinese authorities. This is the reason behind everything,” said Yip, 20, who’s studying journalism and communications. Censorship from the authorities in Beijing is one of the problems Yip said pupils are combating against. Before Thursday’s ceremony, students in the university needed postered the campus with exemptions and messages calling for liberty of Hong Kong. Posters that were specifically targeted that the Beijing authorities were eliminated by the afternoon from the college, she said. The university didn’t immediately respond to NBC News’ request for comment.

Protests in Hong Kong started in June within a now-withdrawn extradition invoice, but have since morphed to include calls for more democratic freedoms. The former British colony has kept its economic and administrative procedures after being handed over to China in 1997 via a”one nation, two systems” model. There is a very clear split between the political culture in Hong Kong and southern, which neighborhood inhabitants enjoy herself wish to see preserved, Yip said. “That split is also causing anxieties on campus. Students and alumni involved in a march before in the morning to the campus teeming with the approximately 1,000 graduates, Yip said. However, maybe not all of those present agree with the anti-government sentiment. One pupil talking Mandarin — the terminology of the mainland — wielded a little knife and contended with protesters, Yip said. A movie of this incident taken by the campus radio station before the graduation ceremony indicates that the man pupil singing the Chinese national anthem in a group of pupils carrying protest banner. The student claimed he had been taking a knife to stop some attacks by the protesters, said Brian Chan, a 19-year-old pupil, and volunteer with the campus radio station.The pupil placed the knife back on the floor before speaking to the press, the movie showed. He was finally removed by campus safety, Chan stated over Instagram messenger. Although no pupils were arrested at the protest, based on Yip, others are arrested by authorities on the mask ban from town, fueling pupils’ desire to keep on demonstrating. “Wearing a mask would be similar to revealing my view,” she explained. “We’re business on this matter, we’ll never stand down”