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McConnell changes Standing and backs $250 million to election Safety

Last updated on September 20, 2019

McConnell, R-Ky., stated he’s co-sponsoring an amendment to an appropriations bill that will provide $250 million to election safety.

“I am pleased that the Financial Services & General Government bill will incorporate a bipartisan amendment providing an additional $250 million to the government and safety of the elections, to help countries enhance their defenses and shore up their voting strategies,” McConnell said. “I’m pleased to have helped create this change and also to co-sponsor it .”

McConnell’s funding comes after Democrats have been placing political pressure on him and Republicans for over a year to get behind further provisions, such as new financing, to protect against hacking and disturbance from the elections.

“This afternoon, after weeks and months and weeks of atomic immunity, and weeks of Democratic strain, Senate Republicans have agreed to encourage our Democratic petition for extra election safety financing ahead of their 2020 elections,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., stated on the Senate floor.

Democrats brought up a similar measure last year that could also have provided an extra $250 million into the nations, but McConnell and many Republicans opposed it. A senior Republican leadership aide said the step was brought up if nations still hadn’t determined how they would shell out the $380 million that they had been awarded in 2018.

Back in July, Democrats tried again to deliver election safety laws to the ground. McConnell’s resistance to the step that could have made extensive changes to the election system directed in part to critics lending him the moniker of”Moscow Mitch.”

Republicans pointed to a election briefing by intelligence officials in July because additional cash was not vital.

“Each of the money had not been invested we gave to the nations,” Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C. , seat of the Senate Intelligence Committee, told NBC News in the moment, referring to funding given to the nations before their 2018 elections.

Now that McConnell has been financing the financing, Democrats and election safety specialists say that $250 million is a fantastic start but not sufficient.

Aaron Scherb, manager of legislative affairs at Common Cause, said that much more is required to guarantee the election process.

The House passed a bill which would give states almost 3 times longer — $600 million.

A Republican Senator on desktop admits this $250 million is a fig leaf, Republicans’ effort to prevent Democrats from getting the countless millions more they need for election safety.