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Mexican Governments find 29 bodies at a hundred plastic bags

The Mexican government said on Tuesday they had discovered 29 bodies, packed with over a hundred plastic totes, dumped in a clandestine grave in the violent western state of Jalisco.

Murders in Mexico jumped into the greatest on record at the first half of this year, placing the cartel-ravaged nation on course to exceed the 29,111 recorded annually.

The state authorities and the state attorney general stated two of those victims were girls, which four had criminal records, without demonstrating their offenses.

The body count might appear as the analysis progressed, according to a source in the state attorney general’s office who declined to be identified because he wasn’t authorized to talk to the press.

In Mexico, cartels often kidnap and kill their opponents, a lot of whom have been buried in clandestine graves scattered throughout the nation.

Police haven’t yet said if the mass grave was associated with cartel violence, though Jalisco is still home to many cartels, including among the nation’s most notorious.

Jalisco New Generation Cartel, based on U.S. government, is among the five most dangerous criminal organizations on earth.