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Mexico Congress backs constitutional change to Permit presidential recall vote

Mexico’s Congress approved a raft of constitutional changes on Tuesday that involve allowing the right to a recall vote to the president, predominant resistance worries it could open the door to permitting re-election of the nation’s leader.

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has pressed for the recall provision, asserting that it must act as a democratic check on his document. The president’s term is limited to six decades and he’s started a few times he won’t seek to modify that. The opposition contended he desired a recall vote to place himself on an electoral ticket midway through his sentence. To prevent that, the Senate agreed last month which any recall vote should be held following the elections in 2021.

Under the changes, the recall vote could be coordinated by the federal electoral institute, given it had the help of at least 3 percent of Republicans about the Mexican electoral register.

To become law, the steps must nevertheless be approved by the vast majority of state legislatures. The president’s ruling party controls the vast majority of Mexico’s state congresses.