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Mexico remains the deadliest country into this world to journalists

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) has introduced its yearly record of killings of journalists and media personnel. The organization recorded 49 deaths globally from 2019, including three girls.

The report relies upon the evaluation of two variables, specifically”the nation of media security and in-depth information about the circumstances surrounding the deaths of their 49 media employees listed” from the record.

The collected data show that the death toll would be the smallest since 2000 when the IFJ relied on just 37 deaths.

Mexico tops the record as the most dangerous country for media workers – not only in Latin America and the Caribbean but from the whole world – with its 10 documented murders.

According to the press release, “Two important observations emerge in the data. Primarily, threats, harassment, imprisonment, and murder no more occur just in states at war. Second, the sufferers are primarily neighborhood journalists. In nearly all instances, it’s reports and articles on abuses of power, crime and corruption which have resulted in targeted violence and killings.”