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Mexico: Women Remain at home to protest femicide

This Monday, tens of thousands of girls in Mexico remained in the home, walked from schools, work, social events, and other purposes to protest femicide.

The initiative has been launched in February through social networks from the collective Brujas del Mar, initially from the state of Veracruz, in the east of the country, under the motto Nueve Ninguna see mueve’ (‘On the 9th, nobody goes’).

Violence against women in Mexico is very dramatic. Based on official statistics, Mexico listed 1,006 femicides in 2019, a leap of + 136% because of 2015. The true number is probably much greater.

The nation was upset by the brutal murder of a young 25-year-old lady by her husband in addition to the passing of a seven-year-old woman tortured by many men and women.

The attack movement of March, 9 rallied under a second motto”Ni una menos”, meaning”None less” in Spanish, created popular for many years by demonstrations against sexist violence in Latin America and Spain.

After the case of Iceland’s girls strike in 1975, this occasion” signifies a historical moment,” based on Mexican journalist Isabella Cota.

Cota advised Euronews: “Mexicans are taking a page from this publication of girls in Iceland and Spain, and to a certain extent from the USA.”

“It also represents the first chance to create a genuine effects in Mexican culture, in the hopes that individuals will appreciate the work of girls, paid and outstanding.”

She denounced the fact that”half of Mexico are girls and [we] aren’t heard or shielded by the nation.”

“We will not disturb paint or traffic onto the walls. We won’t go outdoors or be outspoken on March 9 but we will not stop increasing our voice before violence against women is addressed”

Even with a”fair quantity of criticism” of feminists protests, the Mexican authorities formally endorsed this occasion, Corta affirmed.

“There’s’official’ service at the national level but I do not believe that translates into dialog or comprehension. The president said guys are permitted to take the day off also if they need, entirely missing the point and endangering the attack,” she worried.

Spectacular is enshrined in the nation’s legislation and protects strikers from potential negative consequences in their companies.

“Institutions such as schools, universities, as well as private businesses (…)they have come out in service,” Isabel Corta notes. “They’ve said’We shall miss girls working on this day since they’re a significant part our workforce but they’ll face no side effects.”

The journalist expects this strike”will make people listen and will make the government act on the impunity that reigns when it comes to murdering girls in this nation,” she reasoned.