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Mexico’s’City of the Gods’ reopens to tourists Following five-month lockdown

The tremendous temples and pyramids of Teotihuacan reopened to visitors on Thursday, over five months later closure in an attempt to impede the spread of this coronavirus.

Teotihuacan, situated about 50 km north of Mexico City, was formerly the biggest city in the Americas.

Called”The City of the Gods” that the UNESCO World Heritage website is among the nation’s most well-known places for tourists from all over the world.

“I am blessed to be hereafter such a long period of closing. I feel blessed.”

Chinese tourists, Hongshun Tang was happy he could earn a last-minute change of strategy and return to Mexico.

“I had been applying to visit Egypt. Due to this Covidthe same day that I couldnĀ“t fly to Egypt, so I purchased the ticket to come here instead,” he told AFP.

Just 3,000 people per day are permitted to go to the key archeological zone along with a trickle of tourists can be viewed on Thursday morning across the early city’s most important thoroughfare, the so-called Avenue of the Dead.

But visitors aren’t permitted to scale the Pyramids of the Sun or Moon, which used to attract thousands of traffic for the Fall and Spring equinoxes every year.