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Michigan Gov. Whitmer, in Democratic Reaction to Trump’s State of the Union, States GOP taking health care away

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer will state from the Democratic response to the President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address on Tuesday night that Republicans aren’t helping ordinary Americans by enhancing health care and helping folks get by financially, based on premature excerpts of her opinions.

Whitmer will notice how she juggled operating a new job while caring for her newborn infant and her mother who had cancer.

“It was challenging. It exposed the harsh realities of our offices, our healthcare system, and our child care strategy. And it changed me,” she states, based on her prepared remarks.

As a state senator, Whitmer claims she worked with a Republican governor and state Legislature to expand healthcare coverage to over 680,000 Michigan inhabitants.

“It is fairly easy. Democrats are attempting to create your wellbeing care better. Republicans in Washington want to shoot it away,” she states.

Whitmer adds that it”does not matter” what Trump claims concerning the profits from the stock exchange because huge numbers of people are trying to cover prescription medications, student loans, and transport.

In my nation. And Ohio. And Pennsylvania. All around the nation,” she will say, based on her prepared remarks. “Wages have stagnated, while CEO pay has shrunk.”