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Migrants in overcrowded camps in Greece to be Provided $2,000 to Return home

Migrants living in overcrowded camps on Greek islands must be provided $2,000 to return voluntarily to their states.

A monetary help deal agreed between the European Union and Greece on Thursday is meant to promote some 5,000 migrants to leave Greece, which has borne the brunt of migrants seeking asylum in Europe.

“We’ve agreed on a temporary voluntary return program for one month”, stated Ylva Johansson, Commissioner for Home Affairs.

This program will be accompanied” with an allowance of $2,000 that will help individuals to reintegrate in their nation of origin”, she added.

Only those who came before 1 January have been eligible for the program, which Johansson stated was a way for”decreasing the strain of overcrowding” from the camps around the Greek islands.

Over 37,000 people live in overcrowded camps on five Greek islands in the Aegean Sea, the key gateways for asylum seekers to Europe in the local Turkish coast.

Seven European Union member nations have already declared the prospect of home at 1,600 migrant children residing in Greece, according to the commissioner.

“We aren’t well prepared, we lack a frequent policy on migration and asylum policy and I am working with it,” explained Ylva Johansson, stressing that she’d announce her suggestions in April.

These voluntary yields will likely be completed with the help of the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) and the European border management bureau, Frontex.

The program doesn’t apply to asylum seekers that lately came in Greece after Turkey announced on 28 February that it would enable migrants to depart for Europe.

Since that statement, tens of thousands of people flocked into the Greek-Turkish boundary, leading to violent episodes between Greek and Turkish police forces.

To be able to discourage additional migration, Greece had embraced a set of controversial measures in the aftermath of the episode, for example, suspension of the asylum process and mandatory return of migrants.