What is Astd?

Supreme player tower watch is a game delivered off by Roblox. This is a peak watch game in any case scarcely intriguing practically identical to the standard summit safeguard games. In this game, the holy people depend upon notable comic characters.

Accordingly, the players can pick their adored characters to play. They have a gathering of characters from the comic’s pivotal lead to delinquents. Moreover, they have characters from funnies, for instance, Demon slayer and one piece.

Players appear to like this extraordinary augmentation to the game better. Players need to play the game to arrive at any rate various episodes as would be sensible.

More Details On The Game

The game has 2 modes, ceaseless and story mode.

The principles of the games are:

Players ought not get the abhorrent characters on the more basic levels/levels.

It might be ideal tolerating you talked through any battles to stay away from clashes from occurring.

Players don’t awfulness (Irrelevant jokes would be considered as torment)

Inquisitively, this is an area, and players should regard each other’s perspectives.
Mikasa Astd

Mikasa or can additionally be known as Akasa is a unit thought. The focal points of this are:
Mikasa is for 725$.

Harm or channel it causes is 23. Spa: 3 and Range: 10.

This has been revived on various events.

The principal update will be for 320$. Hurt: 38, Range: 16 and Spa to the shock of no one

The resulting update will be for 450$. Hurt: 73, Range: 19, and Spa obviously.

The third update will be for 660$. Damage:90, Range: 25 and Spa: 3.

The fourth update is for 2500 $. Hurt: 290, Range: 34, and Spa: 2.

Mikasa Astd can also be known as a move or a unit hurt thought. We have introduced all of the data in the above list. These facts were collected after certifiable and raised assessment with respect to the matter.


The article discussed a Roblox game – Astd run by the local battle. Individuals like the game for its unprecedented characters. Notwithstanding, the game is a central peak safeguard. Roblox has dependably made games that are exceptional and have introduced something other than what’s expected.