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Mike Pompeo tours Kazakhstan with Caution over Chinese investment

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visited Kazakhstan where he cautioned the Central Asian state to be skeptical of Chinese and Russian investment and sway.

He advised senior officials, such as the Kazakh Foreign Minister Mukhtar Tileuberdi, the beauty of these investments includes a charge to sovereignty and might hurt, rather than aid, long-term improvement.

“I have also discussed the Trump government’s forthcoming Central Asia plan that places your liberty and prosperity in the crux of our strategy,” Pompeo informed a media conference. “We completely support Kazakhstan’s liberty to choose to conduct business with whatever nation, whichever state it needs. But I am convinced that the nation will find the best results as it partners with American businesses.”

At an interview with President Alexander Lukashenko, Pompeo stated he expected to help provide a chance for Belarus to get the sovereignty and liberty it attempts.

He explained American energy manufacturers stand prepared to provide 100 percent of their petroleum Belarus needs at an aggressive cost.

The trip ended with a visit to a tech park at which at least five firms are operating on contracts with the United States.