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The email address is of an internet shop which was known as but is not anymore in existence as at the time of inspection. The email address nevertheless is still being used by scam websites that belong to the very same hackers because of their contact email address. Well the mails which you send later getting scammed won’t be answered along with the telephone number too that’s mentioned by the website isn’t their telephone number but a few they can simply select but belongs to somebody else that does not even know about the existence of the website. If you stumble across any website using this email address you need to understand they’re fake and deceptive. Below is a list compiled by of a number of those scam websites using the email address. The websites are largely advertising Lego toys and play channels and X Box.

Scam signs

The first thing that shows that the websites are scam sites is the costs that they’re charging. The websites charge prices which are too good to be authentic and unrealistic to attempt and make you wish to purchase. They might also give a telephone number that doesn’t do the job. The websites are also new websites the majority of the instances or may use an obsolete domain name but without much background should you search them upward. Never trust a brand new website. To look at their whois details you follow on the hyperlink below.


Any website that’s using the email isn’t to be reliable. You may risk getting scammed. Typically you will earn a payment, not get anything, and sometimes you might just get some fake thing with nothing when compared with the total amount of money you’re paying for. If you’ve got more websites or have already been scammed or have additional questions regarding what’s please leave a comment below.