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Millions Withstand anti-mask law in Hong Kong Hurry

Under the legislation, protesters hazard a year in prison for wearing masks.

Protesters on Sunday chanted”Hong Kongers, revolt” and”Fight for liberty, stand together with Hong Kong,” as riot police tracked them from overhead paths and footbridges, a few taking photos and filming the marchers.

One masked protester completed a mask-wearing”Buzz Lightyear” shot from Walt Disney Co’s”Toy Story” cartoon movie, Reuters reported.

Police fired tear gas in several areas in town, but there were no clear indications of clashes. Protesters dismissed the gas, dispersing gas canisters with water throwing them back.

“Members of the public are advised to remain indoors and keep their windows closed,” the authorities said in a statement.

Authorities said protesters were engaging in unlawful assemblies, blocking significant streets, and warned that they would soon begin”dispersal surgeries on Hong Kong island.” They arranged protesters to depart immediately.

Two big protests were proposed on Sunday, and police braced themselves, fearing a recurrence of Friday night’s violent protests, which saw Hong Kong’s commercial facility nearly closed down the next moment.

It occurred just hours after Hong Kong’s embattled leader Carrie Lam invoked emergency powers used over 50 decades back.

“The anti-mask law only cultivated our anger, and much more will people return into the road,” Lee, a college student wearing a grim mask, told Reuters on Sunday because he stumbled on Hong Kong island.

“We aren’t frightened of this new law; we’ll keep on fighting. We’ll struggle for righteousness. I put on the mask to inform the authorities that I am not terrified of tyranny.”

Hong Kong’s four weeks of protests have dropped the Chinese-ruled city to the worst political crisis in years. The pro-democracy movement introduces the most significant big obstacle to Chinese President Xi Jinping because he came to power six decades back.

Protests began as a resistance to some now-withdrawn extradition invoice, but have evolved into a pro-democracy movement contrary to what is viewed as Beijing’s growing grip on a town that undermines its”one country, two systems” standing promised when Britain handed Hong Kong back to China in 1997.

China dismisses the accusation, and it has maintained that foreign governments, such as Britain and the USA, have fanned anti-China opinion.

Friday night’s”intense violence” justified using this emergency legislation, Lam, who’s endorsed by Beijing, said on Saturday.