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Minerva Punjab FC Proprietor Ranjit Bajaj reprimanded by AIFF to Get’unparliamentary’ Speech on Social Networking

Last updated on September 28, 2019

Speaking to IANS, committee chairman Amod Kanth stated: “We’ve sent him a communicating and he’s been reprimanded for the type of tweets and re-tweets he’s done. The speech wasn’t appropriate in any way. He looked before us he confessed that the speech wasn’t appropriate. It was certainly unparliamentary.”

Asked if any financial fine was issued contrary to the I-League club proprietor, Kanth explained: “We’ve warned him Bajaj — who seemed together with his attorney has vowed not to do so again.”

Kanth reported that although there were several other problems also like bringing confidential files from the public domain, but Bajaj was reprimanded primarily due to the terminology of these tweets.

Bajaj has been served the show-cause notice by AIFF’s Ethics Committee on July 10 and requested to answer within 15 days seeing his activities and its influence on the picture of Indian soccer along with the federation. The note pointed at about 45 derogatory, destructive and dishonest tweets/retweets produced from the I-League team operator.