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Moonstruck Japanese billionaire wants to Discover romantic partner for lunar voyage

A Japanese billionaire, expecting to be over the moon love, is looking for a romantic partner for an approaching lunar adventure.

“He’s a long-held dream of going to space,” based on Maezawa’s advertisement. “He wishes to see such a distinctive place together using a particular individual. Through acute one time planned matchmaking. Maezawa seems to locate his life “

Maezawa, founder and CEO of Western-style merchant Zozo, was chosen by Elon Musk’sSpaceXto function as first personal passenger to fly around the moon to a mission that the firm has proposed for 2023.

Maezawa recorded five somewhat esoteric qualifications with this moonstruck love: She has to be at least 20, possesses an”always optimistic” character, is completely”interested in moving to space,” appearing to”enjoy life to the fullest” and first and foremost, “somebody who wants for world peace.”

The businessman expects to find somebody he could worship and love with this lunar trip at the end of March.

Maezawa provides 1 million yen — roughly $9,000 per — to 1,000 followers chosen randomly from people who retweeted a Jan. 1 article, together with the effects of the cash to be monitored through regular polls.

“it is a severe social experimentation,” explained Maezawa on YouTube, ” that he expects to draw interest from economists and professors.