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Morbius trailer: Oscar-winner Jared Leto Flaws from DC to Marvel, Matches Shock Villain out of Homecoming

Following an unsuccessful foray in the realm of comic book films a couple of years back with DC’s Suicide Squad, Oscar-winner Jared Leto has defected to Marvel. The first preview of Morbius, the most recent installment at Sony’s Marvel Universe, was published.

Depending on the Marvel anti-hero, the movie tells the origin story of Morbius the Living Vampire, a flawed character who develops pseudo-vampiric superhuman abilities after a failed experiment to heal himself with a rare blood disease.

Sony is going out with its universe of Marvel characters, which has been founded in parallel into some record-breaking Marvel Cinematic Universe. In reality, the three-minute trailer finishes with a stinger, in the end, showing a personality who had been seen in Homecoming, thus tying the SMU into the MCU.

Together with Leto inappropriate 30 Seconds to Mars (that is his rock group ) get-up, the movie also is borrowing visually from X-Men two and tonally appears to be in precisely the same zone as Venom — neither too lighthearted nor as dim as Joker.

Talking of Joker, Leto played with the legendary Batman villain in Suicide Squad, in a function which has been infamously reduced to only 10 minutes of screen time. The star allegedly had a falling out with the studio, which caused the many follow-ups comprising his version of this character being scrapped in favor of Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix’s Oscar-nominated movie.

The SMU will last with Venom two, to be led at Andy Serkis, and Spider-Man 3, together with returning celebrity Tom Holland.