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Moscow shooting: Gunman was a”loner” who Had Been a Part of a Gun club

Russian media reports state a gunman who murdered one security officer and injured five other individuals out Moscow’s headquarters of Russia’s most important security service was part of a gun club.

REN-TV television channel along with the Komsomolskaya Pravda daily recognized the attacker as 39-year-old Yevgeny Manyurov, a resident of this town of Podolsk only outside Moscow.

They stated that Manyurov was employed as a personal security guard and practiced shooting. He possessed a little arsenal of shotguns and rifles and participate in shooting contests, finishing third in a November occasion.

Residents of an apartment building in the town of Podolsk at which Manyurov dwelt with his mum, described him as a loner who barely spoke to anybody.

The Russian government did not identify the assailant, who opened fire Thursday only outside the primary headquarters of the Federal Security Service, or FSB, the main KGB successor agency.

Officials did not remark on the gunman’s potential motives, however, the assault came soon after President Vladimir Putin wrapped up his yearly news conference.

At roughly precisely the same time once the shooting occurred, Putin, a KGB veteran, spoke at a Kremlin concert honoring FSB officers and other safety staff less than 1 kilometer away.