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Namaste… and sorry’: Tulsi Gabbard’s message into PM Modi Before Houston Occasion

Last updated on September 21, 2019

U.S. congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard published a movie message Thursday composed Prime Minister Narendra Modi into the United States, but she will not have the ability to make it into the Howdy, Modi! Outreach due to her presidential effort duties.


Gabbard is your initial Hindu elected to U.S. Congress and continues to be near Prime Minister Modi, who’d sent her presents on her wedding 2015, and she attended his other diaspora outreach events at New York and San Jose.

“I am quite pleased to observe that Howdy Modi is bringing Indian Americans and Hindu Americans from throughout our nation, including a lot of my coworkers at the U.S. Congress,” said Gabbard.

“India is the world’s oldest and biggest democracy, and among the United States most significant allies. The United States and India should work closely together if we want to deal with the pressing problems that affect our countries, our nations, and the whole planet –like combating climate change, preventing nuclear war and nuclear proliferation, and enhancing the financial well-being of our people.”

And she’s sought to distance himself from him. In May she advised Th Intercept, “You’ll find things which are occurring within the Indian authorities that I disagree with. I do not pretend to encourage or approve or endorse each of the clinics of the ruling party in India.”

Gabbard stated in the movie message she’ll be campaigning in Iowa at the time of this Houston outreach, attempting to remain in the race. She failed to qualify to the last presidential debate, and when she’s not able to make it into another one, her candidature will be in severe danger.