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Nearly 96% Nokia smartphones running on Android Pie: Counterpoint report

Last updated on August 30, 2019

Nokia has topped the chart in regards to upgrading smartphone applications and issuing security patches and almost 96 percent of Nokia smartphones happen to be working on Android Pie or have experienced an Android Pie upgrade, which makes it the quickest brand to accomplish this amount, a new report said on Friday.

“operating system and security upgrades are an element of Android smartphones that get relatively little attention. In our experience exploring the business, we’ve observed several brands focusing on this.

“Because producers aren’t speaking about it, customer consciousness is also reduced. It does not seem one of the ten features customers state they care about all, in our study,” said Research Director Peter Richardson.

The average time that customers maintain a flagship smartphone before getting a new apparatus has been slowly increasing. In markets as varied as China, Europe, and the US, it’s now approaching 30 weeks.

Maintaining the security and software current is crucial to ensure customers continue to enjoy a fantastic performance and also have safety during their possession.

There are a whole lot of variables that play a part in issuing software upgrades.

“Just a few brands devote to ensuring their telephones are running the most recent version,” Pathak added.

“High-priced apparatus are usually updated, but using the newest applications is as crucial to mid- and – low-priced goods as it’s to flagship apparatus.

“Brands such as Alcatel and Tecno would be the laggards. That is only because those brands have wide portfolios, largely from the sub-$200 section, along with the lifecycle of the units will be brief,” stated Research Analyst Abhilash Kumar

“Their products frequently transition from launching to end-of-life in no more than six months, so they have less incentive to present long-term upgrades,” Kumar added.