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Nick Jonas Movie calls Priyanka Chopra after Theater, fans Can Not Deal with the cuteness

Last updated on September 23, 2019

A brand new video of singer Nick Jonas along with his wife, celebrity Priyanka Chopra FaceTiming every other was shared on the internet, much to the delight of the fans.

Nick and Priyanka’s fans could not get over how adorable they are. “Awww Nick appearing very happy,” one man wrote in the remarks section of this Instagram post. “So adorable I love that they stay connected though they’re much from one another,” wrote a different enthusiast.

“Can you think in sexting or FaceTime sex through lengthy stints apart?”

But when they’re together, Priyanka advised ETOnline in a meeting which Nick likes to stare in her face each morning. She stated, “It is extremely annoying, but he insists on taking a look at my face once I wake up. I am like,’ Wait 1 minute. Allow me to go get a small mascara on, allow me to put on my moisturizer. I am, for example, sleepy-eyed face at this time, but he is just… it is amazing and incredibly sweet.” She added, “That is exactly what you need your husband to perform. However, it’s also, for example, somewhat embarrassing. OK. He is like,’Allow me to stare at you, you are not even aware yet.’ Like, I am not even, I am not joking. It is fantastic.”