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Nigeria security Bureau denies opening fire on supporters of Arrested activist

Omoyele Sowore, who ran for president as a small candidate at the February election where former military ruler President Muhammadu Buhari procured another term in office, was detained in August for calling for a revolution.

He was granted bail on Oct. 4 but he also hasn’t yet been released since the Department for State Security (DSS) states the conditions haven’t been met.

Supporters of Sowore, who established Nigerian online news business Sahara Reporters, staged a demonstration at DSS headquarters in the capital, Abuja, on Wednesday where they stated the safety agency’s officers opened fire.

However, the claims were refused by the DSS.

“Regardless of serial and unwarranted provocations, the Service, as a skilled and accountable Organisation, didn’t take the so-called protesters,” that the DSS stated in a statement.

Sowore’s continuing detention has prompted some to criticize Buhari within his government’s record on individual rights, especially a deadly crackdown on followers of a Shi’ite leader that has been arrested by the authorities since 2015 with no trial.

Nigerian campaign groups, such as Concerned Nigerians Group along with the Coalition in Defence of Nigerians Democracy & Constitution, issued an announcement where they stated”violent attacks” on protesters in DSS headquarters demonstrate that Buhari” is conducting a dictatorship back”.

He was also replaced with the army.

Sowore was allowed bond so long as a lot of conditions have been fulfilled including the supply of 100 million naira ($277,777) using two sureties.

The DSS, in its announcement, said it revealed its”avowed willingness to launch Sowore” after the men and women who supplied surety for him had introduced themselves.

Femi Falana, an attorney representing Sowore, on Wednesday called on the DSS to discharge his customer out of”illegal custody”.

He also accused that the DSS of”aggravating the statute of contempt of court by requesting sureties who’d been confirmed with the trial court to report in its office to get an illegal affirmation”.