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Nikki Haley defends Remarks Concerning the Confederate flag

Former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley on Friday defended a meeting where she stated individuals in South Carolina equated the Confederate flag using”support and sacrifice and legacy” before the Charleston church shot”hijacked” it.

Haley made the remarks after blaze TV’s Glenn Beck asked her how she managed to rally South Carolinians to bring the Confederate flag in the state Capitol if she had been the nation’s governor.

“You’d what was just dreadful. Twelve individuals who went and did exactly what many South Carolinians do every Wednesday night — they moved into Bible study. But on this night somebody showed up and that he did not seem like these, he did not behave like him and he did not seem like them. And they did not throw him out. They did not call the cops. They dragged up a seat and they drifted with him for one hour.

“South Carolina dropped to her knees when this occurred. All these 12 individuals were amazing people, they love their church they love their loved ones, they love their community”

“We do not have hateful individuals in South Carolina. There is the small minority that is constantly gonna be there, however, you know, people saw it as support, and sacrifice, and legacy, but after he did there wasn’t any way to conquer it.”

Haley was widely criticized for the remarks on social networking. Historian Kevin Levin called her claims concerning the flag”crap” “Tell this to the white guys who in 1920 induce a young African American man to kiss a Confederate flag until they lynched him” he tweeted.

Comedian W. Kamau Bell tweeted, “Recall that short period when Nikki Haley was regarded as the grownup from the Trump Administration? Welp, she simply neglected 8th-grade social studies on this “

In these opinions, she stated Roof had”a sick and twisted perspective of this flag. By no means will he reflect the folks in our nation who honor and, in a lot of ways, revere it. Those South Carolinians see the flag as a sign of respect, integrity, and responsibility. They also view it as a tradition, a means to honor ancestors that came to the support of the nation during the time of battle. That isn’t hated, nor can it be racism.”

While not explicitly citing captivity, Haley included”In precisely the same time, for others in South Carolina, the flag is a profoundly offensive emblem of a brutally oppressive past”

Below was my phone for the elimination of the Confederate flag and that I stand by it. I continue to be proud of those of SC and the way we turned the hatred of a killer to the love for one another.”