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No Increase in Imran Khan’s salary, PM’s Office refutes Accounts

The workplace of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has explained that there will not be any increase in his wages, refuting reports that there has been again in the cover of the premier as”baseless” and”unlucky”.

The spokesperson quoted Khan as saying that prices incurred on the mind of this authorities had been borne from their people’s hard-won cash, therefore it was crucial to keep it at the minimum amount.

During a cabinet meeting on Thursday, Minister for Communications and Postal Services Murad Saeed stated that Khan was residing at his home at Banigala despite being the greatest and spent money out of his pocket to the building of the street leading into his residence.

The growth comes after Khan recently revealed he couldn’t pay his family expenditures from his official salary, Dawn news stated from the report.

“We’ve reduced the costs of Prime Minister House by 40 percent. I live in my own house, cover my expenses. My (official) salary isn’t sufficient to cover the costs of my household,” he said on an occasion.

Describing his involvement from the World Economic Forum’s yearly meeting since the”lowest” official trip, Khan had stated that his trip was sponsored by his buddies and famous sailors Ikram Sehgal and Imran Chaudhry.

This isn’t the first time that the Prime Minister’s salary has come under general debate.

This past year, it had been noted that Khan earned less than national and provincial ministers.

According to his February 2019 salary slip, the Prime Minister is entitled to a gross profit of 201,574 Pakistani rupees that’s decreased to 196,979 after taxation and other deductions.