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No Media ‘: UK PM Boris Johnson caught lying to Daddy of Ill child on hospital Trip

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has stated he wasn’t ashamed after being filmed lying into the dad of a sick kid angrily facing him throughout a hospital visit on Wednesday.

Johnson was halted by the daddy, who’s daughter was being treated in the London center, to listen to complaints regarding cuts to health financing and criticism he was utilizing the trip as a”press chance.”

The British leader may be heard telling the father that”there are no media here” — even though press status nearby filming the episode.

“What do you believe there are no media — who are those folks?” The man reacted irately, gesturing towards the cameras since the befuddled British pioneer fought to react.

Clips of the footage posted on societal websites instantly triggered a storm, with lots of commentators pointing out Johnson had lied through the interaction.

Johnson happened to Twitter late on Wednesday to tackle the episode — without commenting about the falsehood he’d told.

“I am happy this gentleman explained his troubles,” he said. “This is not an embarrassment; this is part of the occupation.

“It doesn’t matter whether they concur with me.”

Aidan O’Neill, an attorney representing about 75 parliamentarians hard the movement, contended Johnson’s guidance to Queen Elizabeth II to close down the legislature from the run-up into Brexit was unlawful.

“The mother of parliaments has been closed down from the father of lies,” he informed the courtroom about the second of three days of hearings about the circumstance.