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‘No more racism!’ : Statues targeted because George Floyd anti-racism protests scattered across Europe

Thousands across Europe revealed for its second successive day on Sunday, in service of a worldwide protest against racism and police brutality that followed the passing of 46-year-old black-American George Floyd at Minnesota on May 25.

Approximately 3,000 people gathered in front of the US embassy at Madrid replicating Floyd’s final words”I can not breathe”, and chanting”No peace without justice”.

Some protesters were holding placards from US President Donald Trump.

Protesters from the Spanish funds also knelt on the floor raising their fists, a gesture initiated by American soccer player Colin Kaepernick in 2016.

Then they walked peacefully into the iconic Puerta del Sol, in the center of the capital.

“I’ve lived in China, Portugal, and currently in Spain, and each nation I’ve experienced discrimination due to my skin color.”

Hundreds of people demonstrated in Barcelona too.

First significant rally in Rome
Back in Rome, tens of thousands of young men and women knelt in silence with their fists increased for nearly nine minutes, the period Floyd needed a policeman’s knee scraped his throat until he expired.

When they caught up, they cried: “George Floyd is here! No more racism!”. Participants listened to speeches and held handmade placards stating”Black Lives Issue” and”It is a White Problem.”

This had been the first important anti-racism rally held at the Italian capital.

Authorities estimated a few thousands of protesters might have been participating in

Colonial age statues targeted at Brussels and Bristol

Back in Budapest, demonstrators staged a sit-in beyond the US embassy on Sunday, chanting music and celebrating silence for George Floyd.

There have been smaller rallies in the towns of Antwerp and Ghent.

From the capital, there have been several scuffles back on Sunday evening. But before, tens of thousands gathered peacefully outside the US embassy to get a second consecutive day of protests against racial injustice.

London-based pupil Darcy Bourne says she believes everyone knows the demonstration is more than simply Floyd, but around racism across the world.

Another pupil, Steffi Cox, says racism is an international issue in which individuals will need to”come together and be certain everybody is educated.”

Meanwhile, in Bristol, roughly 177 kilometers west of London, protesters on Sunday renowned since they toppled a statue of 17th-century slave dealer Edward Colston.

Saturday clashes condemned

UK authorities attempted to dissuade protests amid present lockdown steps that prohibit gatherings of over six individuals.

The nation’s most senior police chief explained 14 officers were hurt on Saturday during clashes with protesters in central London that followed a mostly peaceful Black Lives Issue demonstration attended by tens of thousands.

Cressida Dick, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, said the assaults on officials were”shocking and unacceptable.” She said numerous arrests are made and”justice will follow” The clashes broke out in the early evening close to the office of Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London, says violence is”not acceptable” and has advocated those protesting to do this legally while also preserving social distancing.

Twelve people have been detained with the vast majority of the arrests made for public order offenses. One was for criminal harm, the Metropolitan Police has said.

Germany and France saw clashes also on Saturday.

In Berlin, authorities said 93 individuals were arrested in connection with a protest attended by about 15,000 people in the German capital.

Authorities said several officers and a single media photographer were injured following bottles and stones were thrown out of the crowd, which had accumulated despite police orders to clean the town’s Alexander Square.

In Marseille, France, police fired tear gas and pepper spray skirmishes with protesters who hurled rocks and bottles after what was a psychological yet silent demonstration.

Approximately 23,000 people united protests around France on Saturday.

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