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North Korea says talks with US could resume at a’few Months’

North Korea said Monday that diplomatic discussions with the United States could resume at a”couple of weeks,” but it won’t think about abandoning its atomic weapons unless outside dangers are wholly eliminated.

A statement Monday credited to some North Korean foreign ministry official stated possible upcoming working-level talks could be critical in shaping the destiny of the nation’s diplomacy with Washington. It involves general U.S. safety and financial concessions, saying the talks of North Korea’s denuclearization is only going to be possible when”dangers and barriers endangering our system safety and blocking our development are removed beyond all doubt.”

“Whether the DPRK-U.S. discussions are going to be a window chance or an event to precipitate catastrophe is totally up to the U.S.,” the announcement said, referring to North Korea with its official naame, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Critics have stalled as a February summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump at Hanoi, Vietnam fell over disagreements within sanctions aid in exchange for disarmament measures.

The North has since voiced its displeasure through belligerent rhetoric along with a flurry of short-range weapons evaluations that experts see as an effort to dial-up the strain on the U.S. and South Korea and construct leverage ahead of discussions.

North Korea has cut virtually all diplomatic action together with the South amid the stalemate in nuclear negotiations while requiring that Seoul break away from Washington and restart inter-Korean financial jobs held by U.S.-led sanctions from the North.

“Our government will function whatever function and do anything it could to stabilize peace on the Korean Peninsula,” Moon said.

Last Monday,” North Korean First Vice Foreign Minister Choe Son Hui reported that the North is prepared to restart atomic diplomacy in late September but that Washington has to arrive at the negotiating table using suitable fresh suggestions. She explained if the proposals do not meet North Korea, dealings between the two nations may finish.

It had been one of four brand new short-range weapons systems that the North introduced in recent weeks which experts say could expand the nation’s capacity to attack targets throughout South Korea, such as U.S. bases there.