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North Korea threatens to Close liaison office with South

The announcement by North Korea’s ruling Workers’ Party came a day after the potent sister of leader Kim Jong Unreported the nation would finish a military arrangement reached with South Korea from 2018 to decrease worries if Seoul fails to block the activists.

Kim Yo Jong also said North Korea could permanently close the liaison office along with a joint mill park at the border city of Kaesong, which were symbols of reconciliation between both nations.

However, an unknown spokesperson of the Workers’ Party’s inter-Korean events division said Seoul’s guarantee lacked the scrapping of this liaison office is going to be the first in a series of North Korean measures that could cause”extreme exhaustion” to the South.

The announcement also affirmed an elevated standing for Kim Yo Jong, that had been called her brother’s best official for inter-Korean affairs.

Under her directions, North Korea has determined as a first step to”abolish the North-South liaison office that’s occupying room in the Kaesong industrial complex whilst doing nothing,” the announcement said.

“We won’t conceal we for a very long time have considered crucial steps to completely shut down all areas of touch with the South and essentially remove the resources of provocations in the South,” stated the spokesperson of the party’s United Front Department.

“The most recent events have bolstered our decision that an enemy is merely an enemy‚Ķ .it is our decision to move as far as we could in a vicious cycle of confrontation” South Korea’s government had no immediate response to the announcement.

Sending balloons throughout the border was a frequent activist strategy for many years, but North Korea believes it an assault on its government.

While Seoul has occasionally sent police officers to obstruct these actions during sensitive times, it’d resisted North Korea’s calls to fully ban them saying the activists were still exercising their liberty.

The liaison office in Kaesong was among the principal agreements reached in 3 summits involving Kim Jong Un along with South Korean President Moon Jae-in in 2018. It’s been closed since late January following the Koreas agreed to temporarily close it before the coronavirus has been controlled.

Kaesong is also the place of a now-shuttered factory complex that has been jointly run by both Koreas. It united South Korean technology and capital together with cheap North Korean labor. Seoul’s past conservative government closed down it in 2016 after a North Korean nuclear test, eliminating a vital money resource for North Korea’s struggling economy.

Also they consented to the army pact aimed at decreasing traditional threats and pledged to restart operations in the Kaesong mill park along with South Korean excursions to some hotel at North Korea’s Diamond Mountain when potential, expressing optimism that US-led sanctions on the North will finish.

However, North Korea has suspended nearly all cooperation with South Korea in recent months involving a stalemate in bigger atomic discussions with the Trump government, which were faltered more discussions on sanctions aid in exchange for disarmament measures.