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North Macedonia president Matches Macron Following French veto on EU accession talks

The North and French Macedonian presidents are Expected to meet in Paris on Tuesday, weeks Following France blocked the Beginning of EU accession talks to the Western Balkan Nation.

The assembly on the sidelines of the Paris Peace Forum provides President Stevo Pendarovski that the opportunity to put forward his country’s case for linking the ladder towards eventual EU membership.

In the European Council meeting on October 17-18, Emmanuel Macron utilized France’s veto to stop Albania and North Macedonia from being granted a beginning.

France was united by Denmark and the Netherlands in opposing Tirana’s candidature but moved out on a sidewalk in obstructing Skopje.

The French president asserts that the EU enlargement process requires an overhaul before discussions can start with potential new members.

But, both Balkan nations were invited in their efforts to meet EU requirements for membership discussions. Leading European Union officials explained it as a historic error.

“We have to continue working towards launching discussions with North American Macedonia and Albania to join the EU. Especially since these states are NATO member countries, and that is where our strategic interest from the Transatlantic Alliance also is located,” stated Angela Merkel.

The French veto has undermined the pro-EU approach in nations like North Macedonia, which has been widely commended following the long-running dispute with Greece over its name has been solved.

Additionally, it has thrown EU policy within the bloc’s relations with its eastern neighbors into confusion. Concerns have been expressed that when the door to the European Union is slammed closed in these nations, the principle of law might be jeopardized and they might rather look to Russia for closer ties.

Regardless of their differences, reports indicated Skopje was seeking to have a conciliatory as opposed to a confrontational position with Paris.

“I’m thankful that one of the best agents will ultimately meet with the head of favorable France and will chat about all of the arguments,” North Macedonia’s Prime Minister Zoran Zaev has been quoted as stating final week.