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Nova Play Wireless Headphones Rarbuds Reviews – It’s Scam or Legit?

If you are in the market to get some of these fancy authentic wireless headphones, states such as the Apple AirPods or Samsung Gear IconX, you should surely know by now that they don’t come cheap — readily costing you up around $200 in most cases! At less than half of the price of its prestigious rivals, TRNDlabs’ Nova True Wireless earbuds look as though they’re a dream come true with its marginal cost of $79.00. That is dirt cheap in regards to authentic wireless headset alternatives, but if it is priced that low, it makes anybody wondered if there some significant drawbacks together.


Unlike some of those elaborate and at times strange layouts we see at other authentic wireless headphones, the Nova Authentic Wireless favors ease, and they’re quite much fashioned from regular looking earbuds. They are tiny and do not weigh that way so that you better be extra cautious handling them since you do not want to inadvertently drop them and find them falling through the cracks of a walkway grate of some type.

Now, the small dimensions of these earbuds make them look distinctive when worn out. But if you plan on becoming busy, they tend of getting loose over time falling out at certain cases through our testing. When there are various sized in-ear tips included together, even the biggest ones will not assist keep a comfortable fit if you are exercising, perspiration, and always moving around. We put them through a workout on the treadmill, but after we began to develop a sweat from moisture and running began to infiltrate the innards of their ear, we discovered the Nova Authentic Wireless Earbuds always becoming loose — and then falling outside, so we were constantly pushing back them in.

Just as with other authentic wireless headphones, it includes a carrying case that will actively recharge the earbuds. Having a fully charged instance, it is rated to provide the next 60 hours of talk/music period — along with their earbuds’ evaluation of around 3 hours. What is neat, however, is the earbuds automatically pop into position due to the situation’s magnetic link. And moving beyond another charging/storage instance for those earbuds, you may rotate it about to show a full-sized USB interface that could be used to control other devices.

Software and Functionality

Finding the Nova Authentic Wireless connection to the first time is a breeze. You flip on both earbuds by long-term on their components programs, which will initiate the pairing procedure too. After joining, we did encounter a few short experiences once the relationship with one of those earbuds goes in-and-out, but it wasn’t to the stage insistent.

At this time you would probably imagine there are some types of accompanying programs, but there is not. This is not a terrible problem, but there is no true means of understanding the battery amount of every earbud. There is not an icon at the notifications area to get an approximation.


Leveraging its Bluetooth 4.1 relationship, the Nova Authentic Wireless delivers a reasonable sum of reach. In open spaces such as the gym, we are ready to readily reach distances of approximately 30 feet with no sign of hindrance or irregular connections — while inside it is notched down to approximately 20 feet within our expertise, which remains great enough to be in an adjoining room.


Launched because of its easy layout already, the controllers over the Nova Authentic Wireless follow the same strategy, as every earbud has one hardware button. They are utilized to pause/play or select up/end telephone calls using single taps, while dual taps perform the redial works — and that is all!

It would have been fine for this to be personalized in some manner, but they can not. In terms of additional press playback controls and quantity adjustment, that is done on the mobile device you are using. Though we are satisfied with the opinions of these buttons, there is always that trend of mashing them to our ear because we try to press on them.

Sound Quality

Given its low prices, most folks would probably believe there needs to be a compromise into the sound quality. Well, that presumption is accurate since the tones set out from the Nova Authentic Wireless are light and thin. Typically, we put the volume level to the greatest setting to listen to music in noisy surroundings, but it’s still insufficient. Quite simply, they will not seem too great.

Battery Life

Regardless of the disappointing sound quality, we’ll state that its battery life has a little more material — easily eclipsing the one-hour markers through our sessions. In total, we could get out nearly the whole 3 hours of battery life they are rated for, which is striking given the compact dimensions of these earbuds. Matters are created a better understanding that the battery charging situation will tack on a few extra playtimes.


Do not purchase the Nova Authentic Wireless if you are likely to be mainly utilizing them for exercising, workouts, or anything intensive which will get you to sweat or moving about a good deal. Even though it can be nice for casual music listening, you are still confronted with its subpar sound quality — it simply doesn’t possess the type of material to create the event rewarding.

Yes, we are impressed with the Nova Authentic Wireless Earbuds’ extended battery lifetime, their flexible battery charging instance and a hard-to-beat low price tag of $79. The super-cheap cost makes up for a lot of items, so in case you’re able to somehow associate with its light and thin sound quality, you will be saving yourself a chunk of change from the procedure!