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Obama criticises US coronavirus response in Internet graduation speech

Former US President Barack Obama criticized the US administration’s coronavirus answer in an internet graduation address.

“More than anything, this outbreak has completely, eventually torn the curtain back on the thought that so a number of the people in charge know what they are doing,” Obama said. “Lots of them are not even pretending to be accountable.”

Obama was talking during a graduation Livestream to get Historically Black Colleges and Colleges (HBCUs), colleges created before the US Civil Rights Act in 1964.

The case, “Show Me Your Walk, HBCU Edition,” featured several black politicians and celebrities.

Obama’s speech highlighted the effects of COVID-19 on black communities, that have observed greater regeneration and death rates in the virus.

“Let us be fair: A disorder in this way just spotlights the inherent inequalities and additional burdens which black communities have had to cope within this nation,” Obama said.

“We view it at the disproportionate effect of COVID-19 in our communities, as we view it if a black guy goes for a run and a few people feel like they may stop and wonder and take him if he does not submit to their questioning”

The former US president was speaking to the departure of 25-year-old Ahmad Arbery who had been murdered while running in February.

The passing has generated outrage after a video surfaced that seemed to demonstrate the shooting of two white guys.

“Injustice such as this is not brand new,” Obama said. “What’s new is that a lot of your creation has awakened to how the status quo needs adjusting, the older methods of doing things do not work”

“If the world is likely to get better, it is likely to be up for you,” he explained.

Obama has maintained a very low profile since leaving office following the 2016 election but has recently criticized the Trump government before their US’ November presidential elections.