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Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan, one of President Donald Trump’s most stalwart fans, will probably be one of those Republicans grilling witnesses after week after the much-anticipated impeachment hearings get underway.

President Donald Trump’s former national security advisor John Bolton has been”personally engaged in lots of the events, meetings, and discussions” in the core of the home impeachment question,” and many pertinent meetings and discussions that haven’t yet been discussed” openly, his attorney revealed Friday.

Bolton lawyer Charles Cooper disclosed the House’s general counsel in an attempt to explain why his customer demands a court order to have the ability to testify in the impeachment question.

Bolton”was involved in lots of the events, meetings, and discussions concerning that you’ve already obtained testimony, in addition to many pertinent meetings and discussions which haven’t yet been discussed at the testimonies so much,” Cooper wrote.

The former national security advisor didn’t look for a scheduled deposition on Thursday since he and his deputy are looking for a judge’s judgment on whether they are jumped by the White House’s directive to not appear. The White House claims that the pair have”complete testimonial resistance,” Cooper noted.