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On the Lookout for Obama’s hidden Hands in candidates coalescing about Biden

Since Democrats start to coalesce about Joe Biden as the moderate alternative to Bernie Sanders, there seems to be a silent hand supporting the rapid movement: former President Barack Obama.

Obama spoke with his former vice president later he won the South Carolina primary on Saturday, as well as Pete Buttigieg on Sunday when he dropped outside of the Democratic race, according to individuals knowledgeable about the calls.

Buttigieg will journey from South Bend, Indiana to Dallas Monday and endorse Biden, several individuals Knowledgeable about the strategy tell NBC News

Folks near Obama said the former president was keeping close tabs on the race. They stated the sign was delivered in the previous 36 hours he sees Biden since the offender to back, plus they do not need Obama to state it openly or privately.

“However, I believe he will be sure, you know, the party is combined in the close of the afternoon, and as I shall, if I win or not”

1 Democratic aide said on Monday that”stress is mounting” on Mike Bloomberg in the moderate wing of the Democratic Party, who need him to stand out of competing in Super Tuesday contests. This man described the Bloomberg campaign as fielding lots of”incoming” from Democrats.

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Another Democrat said donors have been waiting on the sidelines for Biden or Bloomberg to turn into the obvious solution to Sanders, and also the emerging perspective is that’s occurred within the previous two days.

Several sources stated Bloomberg’s opinion was that he had to”examine the concept” which Biden could not get into the nomination, and now he’s not getting the race out earlier Tuesday. However, some members of Bloomberg’s staff are independently admitting his route is extremely tough and question whether he will win one nation.

Amy Klobuchar, who fell from the race on Monday and that, maybe and Buttigieg, will look with Biden at Dallas Monday night, hasn’t had any discussions with Obama, her press secretary said.