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Oscars 2020: Martin Scorsese becomes the most-nominated Surviving Manager, Together with 9 Academy Award nods

With a nod to The Irishman in the Oscar nominations, Martin Scorsese has come to be the most-nominated living manager in Academy history. The legendary filmmaker says he’s honored that the job on The Irishman was recognized from the Academy.

That is Scorsese’s ninth Oscar nomination, and also the number eclipses the listing of Billy Wilder, director of such movies as The Apartment, Some Like It Hot and Sunset Boulevard, that passed away in 2002. Wilder got a total of eight Oscar nominations in his profession.

“I am honored that our job on The Irishman was honored by the Academy together with those nominations. We place ourselves in this film, a genuine labor of love, and also to be recognized in this manner means a fantastic deal to us,” Scorsese said.

This season, streaming giant Netflix picked a top 24 Oscar nominations around eight names. The 17 categories where Netflix names have been nominated comprise those such as an Actor in a Leading Role, Actress in a Leading Role, Adapted Screenplay, Original Screenplay, Documentary Feature and Animated Feature.

Marriage Story includes six nominations and three nods for both Popes. Actor Jonathan Pryce, that has been nominated Best Actor (Male) for both Popes, got emotional.

“I did not expect to be as emotional as I was when I heard the information. I am so thankful to them. I’m thrilled, also, for my fellow Pope Anthony Hopkins. We had such a fantastic time together. We thrived on Anthony McCarten’s superb script along with the inspirational management of Fernando Meirelles. Tremendous thanks to the aid of Netflix, Tracey Seaward and everybody who worked on the creation of the very special movie,” said Pryce.