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‘Our Sole Real Virus is PSG’: Fans Withstand coronavirus stadium Closed in Paris

The game at Parc des Princes has been performed in an empty stadium due to the coronavirus outbreak. Many sports and other events across the globe have been influenced by the virus, resulting in athletic events being held with no fans.

Despite not being permitted indoors, approximately 3,000 PSG lovers gathered to show their support beyond the Parc des Princes.

After meeting a few hours before the match had begun, they walked into the scene as they sang and cheered, allowing off flares once the team bus came and enveloping it in a thick pinkish-red smoke.

They were permitted to put three banner ads within the arena, the biggest of which read: “Our Just Virus is PSG.”

Pictures of those fans chanting and singing out was revealed on the giant screen within the arena, so the players can see the degree of support outdoors.

As the game kicked off at 9 p.m. local time, fans outdoors let off fireworks that fizzed into the nighttime skies.

The lovers continued to sing throughout the first half of this game, which somehow resembled a loudly training session.

Voices of coaches and players reverberated within the floor since they encouraged each other or cried instructions, or when the referee stepped in to speak with players.

“It is weird, it is dreadful,” he explained on BFM TV. “I understand there are far more important things than soccer… but the main thing in football is that the association between the fans and the players.”

For many people, the new coronavirus causes only moderate or mild symptoms, like cough and fever. For many, particularly older adults and individuals with existing health issues, it may cause more severe illness, such as pneumonia.

The huge majority of individuals recover in the new virus. By the WHO, individuals with moderate illness recover in about fourteen days. People who have more severe illness can take three to six months to recuperate.