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Out with the old, while with the new… Commission President

It’s all change in Brussels this week. Ursula von der Leyen has taken on the mantle of Commission President out of Jean-Claude Juncker – following one month’s delay. Only one week, and she’s under stress – for her (lack of) gender parity, and her unannounced Green New Deal, which is launched next week in COP 25 in Madrid.

Already in Madrid this week, we watched the international Climate Risk Indicator released – and also one European nation was in the top three to get the hardest hit. Germany has witnessed weather-related losses equivalent to 4.5 billion euros.

In other news, Brexit dominated the European Book Prize, with Jonathan Coe’s Middle England winning the publication category. We sat down to talk with him concerning the divisions in society after the 2016 referendum.

And Viktor Orban’s solid absolute majority in Hungary has been called into question by a yearlong NGO investigation, which found signs of elections malpractice.