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Over 1 million people sign UK Request against suspension of Parliament

An internet petition calling to prevent the UK Parliament being frozen until Brexit was postponed or canceled has gained over 1 million signatures.
Stay MPs urged voters to sign the request, which had brought over 500,000 signatures by 6 pm CEST on Wednesday.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson declared earlier on Wednesday a new national legislative schedule will be put out at a Queen’s speech on October 14 — prompting outrage from across the political spectrum.

The timing implies Parliament won’t sit September 12, or as early as September 9, reducing the total amount of time where lawmakers could attempt to obstruct a no-deal Brexit.

Johnson denied that his strategy was aimed at restricting the opposition to his Brexit plans, but Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn branded it”a danger to democracy.”

“However it’s dressed up, it’s blindingly clear that the goal of prorogation now is to prevent parliament debating Brexit and doing its obligation,” he told the BBC.

The internet petition is now considered for discussion by Parliament, that’s true for many requests on its site which get over 100,000 signatures.