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Owner of cruise Boat sunk by Lebanon blast sues’those Accountable’

The owner of a cruise boat which was sunk by the huge explosion in Beirut is meeting with a suit against”those responsible” to the burst, Lebanon’s state news agency said Friday.

Two team members of the Orient Queen were killed and seven other people were injured after a massive shipment of ammonium nitrate caught fire and exploded on Tuesday.

“Entrepreneur Merhi Abou Merhi, the owner of the Orient Queen cruise boat, has filed a lawsuit against all of those responsible for this devastating explosion,” that the National News Agency said.

The bureau also said the lawsuit, that’s the very first of its type, could cause similar legal actions against other people.

The massive cruise boat, which could accommodate 300 houses and guests a casino, was docked in its home port when tragedy struck.

The provisional number of sufferers from the explosion climbed to 154 on Friday, with the other 5,000 people hurt. Dozens of people are reported missing.

Approximately 300,000 people, over 12% of Beirut’s inhabitants, were not able to come back to their houses due to the devastation brought on by the blast.

Anger against the authorities was brewing with protesters clashing with police on Thursday night for an anti-government rally at the capital.

Demonstrators pelted officers with rocks, expressing their anger against the governmental elite.

Many in town sense government corruption and negligence would be to blame for the deadly explosion.