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Pak a Heart of terror, Dispersing deceitful narratives Around J&K in UN: India

Describing Pakistan as the”heart of terrorism,” India has firmly hit at the nation for raking up the Kashmir issue in the Security Council, stating Islamabad misused the UN forum to disperse”baseless and deceptive” narratives relating to it.

Lodhi said India’s actions to reverse Jammu and Kashmir’s special status was”in flagrant breach of numerous Security Council resolutions.” She told the Security Council should press India to raise the curfew, finish the communication blackout, and release the detainees.

“There’s been another effort by one delegation to abuse this forum to spread baseless and deceptive narratives about my nation. Such efforts haven’t succeeded earlier and won’t succeed today,” First Secretary at the Permanent Mission of India to the UN Sandeep Kumar Bayyapu stated Thursday.

“The reality is that the delegation represents a geographic area that’s now widely called the heart of terrorism, which has jeopardized innocent lives within our area and beyond. We don’t want to dignify such baseless diatribes using a reply,” he explained.

On the report of the Security Council,” Bayyapu explained: “The Council neither reflects nor reflects the aspirations and perspectives of the larger membership. Like many other people, we remain convinced that the sole remedy is an extensive reform of the Security Council, including growth in its own permanent and non-permanent categories.”