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Pak steps into’compensate’ Malaysia Following India restricts Hand oil import

Last updated on February 5, 2020

Pakistan will do its very best to purchase additional palm oil from Malaysia after high purchaser India place curbs on these imports a month amid a diplomatic row with all the Southeast Asian countries, Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Tuesday.

India has set general restrictions on processed palm oil imports and asked traders especially to quit purchasing from Malaysia, the planet’s second-biggest manufacturer and exporter of their olive oil, in retaliation for Malaysia’s accusation that Indian policies discriminate against Muslims.

Neighbours India and Pakistan are largely hostile to each other as the partition of British India in 1947 and have fought two of their three wars on rival territorial claims in Kashmir.

Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said that he spoke palm oil using Khan – in Malaysia to a country visit – which Pakistan had signaled it would import more from Malaysia.

“That is correct, particularly since we detected India jeopardized Malaysia for encouraging the Kashmir cause, threatened to reduce back oil imports,” Khan told a joint news conference, referring to India’s Muslim-majority area of Kashmir.

Pakistan purchased 1.1 million tonnes of palm oil in Malaysia this past year, while India purchased 4.4 million tonnes, according to the Malaysian Palm Oil Council.

India has objected to Mahathir talking out from its movement annually to strip Kashmir’s independence and make it much easier for non-Muslims from neighboring Muslim-majority Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Afghanistan to acquire citizenship.

From the news conference, 94-year-old outspoken leader Mahathir didn’t refer to Kashmir however Khan did.

“How you personally, PM, have stood together with us spoken about this injustice happening, on behalf of Pakistan that I wish to thank you,” Khan said.

The former cricketer said that he was sad he couldn’t attend a summit of Muslim leaders in Malaysia in December.

“Regrettably our friends, who are extremely near Pakistan too, believed that the conference was about to split the ummah,” Khan explained, with the Arabic term for the Muslim community but not citing Saudi Arabia by title.

“It is a misconception because that wasn’t the use of the convention,” he explained.

Khan also said Malaysia and Pakistan were functioning on a concerted media endeavor to broadcast a favorable picture of Islam, fight Islamophobia and create articles for young Muslims.