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Pakistan could Shed in a conventional war with India, says Imran Khan

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has continued using his eponymous pitch on Kashmir stating that a nuclear war with India is a chance after New Delhi revoked the special status for Jammu and Kashmir.

He insisted that Islamabad will not begin a war and he’s”anti-war.”

“However, I’m clear when two nuclear-armed states fight a conventional war; there’s every chance of its end in a nuclear war. If I state Pakistan, God forbid, and also at a traditional war, and we’re losing, and when a nation is trapped between two options, either you fight to the death for your liberty. I understand Pakistan will struggle to the death for liberty, as soon as a nuclear-armed state fights to the death, there are impacts,” Imran Khan explained.

On Friday, in a rally in Pakistan-occupied Kashmirhe had stated that the problem in Kashmir would induce Muslims towards extremism and individuals”will grow against India.” Also, he said that if the global community doesn’t solve the Kashmir problem, it might”affect world trade.”

India asserts that the fluctuations in Kashmir are an internal thing and said Pakistan doesn’t have locus standi.

New Delhi hit back, stating that the Pakistani leadership was hoping to market cyber warfare.

New Delhi reported the Pakistan foreign minister’s announcement was a”fabricated story from the epicenter of international terrorism.”

On US President Donald Trump’s supply to intervene to the Kashmir issue, Imran Khan stated: “When he (Trump) intervenes, severely intervenes, it’s 1 way you can guarantee some settlement.”

Trump had provided mediation on Kashmir throughout Imran Khan’s White House visit in July. The US president said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had requested him to do so, India denied the claim. New Delhi said that the Kashmir issue could only be solved bilaterally, and following Pakistan stops supporting terrorism.

Following a meeting with PM Modi on the sidelines of the G7 summit at the French city of Biarritz,” Trump said the PM believes that he has the situation in Check. Last week, Trump had stated that he was ready to assist” India and Pakistan solve the Kashmir problem if”they need.” A substantial shift in the use of phrases, from mediate” or”intervene. “I get together with both states very well. I am prepared to help whenever they need,” Trump said.