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‘Pakistani-American planned Strikes in New York on behalf of ISIS’: US official

Assistant Attorney General for National Security John C Demers stated on Friday the Awais Chaudhary, 19, “supposedly planned to run a deadly assault in New York on behalf of IS.”

Chaudhury desired to”record the bloodshed from the hope of inspiring other people to perpetrate attacks,” national prosecutor Richard Donoghue stated.

He had been arrested on Thursday when he moved into an internet seller’s retail outlet to pick up the equipment he’d arranged to record his planned strikes.

Before he had been detained by the New York Police’s Joint Terrorism Task Force and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Chaudhary” had carefully planned, conducted reconnaissance, chose a goal, also had been in the process of getting the weapon” and”he has left to do would be to hit”, O’Neill explained.

According to court records, Chaudhary had been unmasked by undercover law enforcement employees with whom he conveyed his strategies with text messages to run stabbing or bombing strikes on behalf of their IS and proposed targets such as the World’s Fair Marina.

He had chosen several pedestrian overpasses on a significant street from where he wished to throw bombs,” the complaint said.

He sent an undercover agent a screenshot of an IS terror guide on areas to attack and the”perfect knife” usage, together with directions about the way to stab a victim, court documents said.

There have been a number of cases of people of Pakistani or Bangladeshi descent or with ties to Pakistan targeting town on behalf of terrorist groups or even trying to join them.

Last week,” Asia Siddiqui, that had been identified in a media accounts as being of Pakistani descent, confessed in a national court to engaging in a terrorist scheme, which a formal explained as an effort at”waging violent jihad” utilizing bombs.

In the most recent instance, a Bangladeshi-American, Delowar Mohammad Hussein, was detained last month when attempting to visit Pakistan to join the Taliban. He was the fourth man on Bangladeshi descent arrested in the town on atomic charges.

Aashiqui Alam that is of Bangladeshi descent, was detained in June in connection with a scheme to take up Times Square.

Additionally, two men of Afghan descent together with ties to Pakistan have been engaged in terrorist actions.

In 2016, Ahmad Khan Rahimi put off a bomb at town injuring 31 people, and the other one he’d implanted was detected before it burst and eliminated by a police robot.

Najibullah Zaz was found guilty of an Al Qaeda plot to take our suicide bombing from the city’s subway in 2009.