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Paris migrant camps cleared — — in immigration crackdown

Paris authorities raided two sprawling migrant settlements at Porte de la Chapelle and Seine-Saint-Denis on Thursday, only hours after French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe declared a raft of hardline steps on migrants and asylum seekers in France.

The police woke the guys, largely from sub-Saharan Africa and a few in the Middle East, in sunrise and herded them onto buses which took 1,600 of these to temporary holding centers in gymnasiums and sports halls everywhere in the funds.

Speaking in the scene, Paris police officer Didier Lallement told colleagues: “I’ll no more tolerate these installments from the roadside or anyplace else on public areas in Paris.”

Lallement added that authorities would stay at the camp websites over the coming weeks to make sure that migrants discharged from detention don’t instantly return.

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However, activists say that many of the migrants have nowhere else to go. Since the close of the camps in Calais three decades back, many have left their way into Porte de la Chapelle and Seine-Saint-Denis, in addition to some other camps inside and outside the city.

Julie Lavayssiere, Paris planner for migrant advocacy band Utopia 56, advised Euronews that many migrants will be”down to the roads” within a couple of days and accountable for arrest if they’re captured by authorities. “It will be a manhunt at Paris,” she explained.

Ahead of elections next year — as well as immigration an integral concern among French Republicans — Philippe declared a fresh crackdown on migrants and asylum seekers, such as constraints on health care for new arrivals and quotas for researchers.

Paris’ socialist mayor Anne Hidalgo told reporters in the spectacle which police had informed her”time and the camps wouldn’t return, but every time they’ve reappeared.”

Meanwhile, the conditions for migrants in northern France have dropped further as winter approaches, together with news that a 25-year-old Nigerian man cried after lighting a small fire inside his tent to remain warm.