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Partition Museum to ink pact by Manchester Museum

The Amritsar-based Partition Museum is entering into a last-minute venture with the Manchester Museum after the co-curation before this season of the display,’ Jallianwala Bagh 1919: Punjab Under Siege’ to mark 100 decades of this massacre.

The partnership is supposed to be announced on October 10 at New Delhi during the coming visit of Andy Burnham (Labour), mayor of Greater Manchester, within their Manchester India Partnership that attempts to further connections between the town and India.

Esme Ward, manager of Manchester Museum, stated: “Whilst working together with all the Partition Museum it became clear we’re fellow travelers using a shared vision and values. We all recognize museums can make a difference by bringing fresh perspectives to the fore and anticipate continuing to learn from one another.”

Kishwar Desai, seat of the Arts and Cultural Heritage Trust that set up the Partition Museum, added:”We genuinely value the partnership we’ve developed together with the Manchester Museum, especially since we investigate various facets of our combined colonial history”.

“We anticipate new scholarship on a frequently contested past, new methodology of demonstration and renewed understanding between both nations through both of these Museums”.