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Pattas Film review: Dhanush starrer is a predictable revenge Play with No highs

Despite being fascinating in parts, particularly when the narrative addresses the early martial arts type, Pattas does not rise over the clichés which represent mainstream revival saga.

On many occasions, Pattas feels just like a movie that’s heavily borrowed from many popular south Indian movies through time. By SS Rajamouli’s Baahubali into Suriya’s 7 am Arivu, it seems as though Pattas is a mixture of several different movies and that is primarily why it does not work.

The story of a boy avenging his father isn’t an exciting plot stage anymore unless the narrative is stuffed with highs which force you to sit back and get spent in the narrative of revenge. Regrettably, Pattas does not make you go wow, also is completely rectified by Dhanush’s existence in double functions. Otherwise, for Dhanush and Sneha, that receives meaty parts, nothing is exciting in Pattas to discuss.

Much like Asuran where he had been spotted playing with the son in addition to the dad several years aside, Dhanush contributes to playing double characters in Pattas as father and son. It is refreshing to see the way he possesses the age gap between the characters together with performances therefore exceptional. It is wonderful how Dhanush performs the 2 characters differently with no hangover of a single personality on the other. One of the women, Sneha creates a solid impact with a personality that has a lot to offer you. She is not only playing the mom, but we watch her trying her palms at martial arts within an intriguing action episode.

Pattas is not the ideal festival entertainer however an in-form Dhanush and also an equally brilliant Sneha make this engaging watch. It is a story that could have been far more intriguing had it concentrated more about the martial arts center, but it only uses the subplot as an excuse to glorify Dhanush’s personality. Rather than being a revenge play, I wish this was a sports movie that would have made for a fascinating watch.