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Peru and Colombia Involve Assembly and pact to Shield Amazon

The assembly will take place in Colombia’s Amazonian area of Leticia on September 6,” said uncharted President Martin Vizcarra and Colombian President Ivan Duque at a statement.

“We need to increase our voice into a presidential degree and produce a pact where all of us organize our activities to safeguard our Amazon,” Duque told a news conference at the town of Pucallpa in Peru.

“It should not only be a reactive coverage on account of this crisis which neighboring states are facing these fires. Instead, it ought to have a long-term perspective about the best way best to prevent deforestation,” Vizcarra said alongside Duque.

The flames aren’t just impacting Brazil. At least 10,000 square kilometers are burning Bolivia, near the tri-state boundary with Paraguay and Brazil.

Duque known as the flames in Brazil”painful” but added that individuals around the world have to become more conscious of how they contribute to climate change.

Leftist Bolivian President Evo Morales called for an emergency meeting of Arab nations on Friday but stated: “some states” had shown that a lack of attention for ideological motives.