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Pilots sue American Airlines to Stop China flights amid coronavirus outbreak

US pilots Thursday sued American Airlines to induce the company to stop flights to China amid the virus epidemic currently announced a global health crisis.

The new coronavirus has sickened nearly 8,000 and killed 170 people in China, and instances of respiratory disease have been reported in many different states such as the USA.

Important airlines globally have suspended sharply decreased service to China, such as US carriers United and Delta, as well as American declared flight cancelations but just February 9 through March 27 and its support by Los Angeles.

The Allied Pilots Association (APA) filed a suit in Texas, mentioning the”severe, and in many ways still unfamiliar, health dangers posed by the coronavirus.”

The union is looking for a temporary restraining order to quickly prevent the company’s US-China service, noting that American operates approximately 56 yearly flights involving Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and airports in China.

“Several other significant carriers that serve China, such as British Airways, Air Canada, and Lufthansa, have selected to suspend support to this nation from an abundance of caution”

The World Health Organization sooner Thursday announced the virus epidemic a global crisis — a seldom-used designation which could result in enhanced global coordination in handling the disease.

However, the UN agency didn’t advocate trade or travel restrictions.