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Plane breaks into Bits after skidding off runway in Istanbul

At least 52 people were hurt and were taken to hospital, Istanbul Gov. Ali Yerlikaya tweeted shortly following the crash.

He added that there were 177 individuals on board the Pegasus Airlines airplane that was coming from the hotel of Izmir in Western Turkey. This included six team members,” he explained.

“As of today, there are no deaths and the wounded are being shipped to hospitals,” Pegasus Airlines said in a statement.

Video footage showed serious harm to the airplane that’s a Boeing 737, based on flight monitoring site Flightradar24. The fuselage seemed to be broken up into three pieces.

The independently-run NTV television reported the airplane caught fire after slipping but said that the blaze was extinguished.

NTV also quoted Transport Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan because stating the majority of the passengers evacuated independently.

He added that the airport was shut down and flights were diverted to Istanbul’s most important airport.

It’s uncommon to get a fuselage to divide open while bits remain mostly intact. Planes are made to absorb impact forces at the base of the fuselage to enhance the possibilities that passengers in the cabin over will endure.

Three individuals died, 49 were injured and scores suffered minor injuries, according to the U.S. injury report.