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Playing With Ketchup At Spain – Tens of Thousands Wage The Tomatina Struggle

Organizers of the yearly Tomatina festival pitched 145 tonnes of over-ripe berries to the audience from six big trucks, quickly turning the city into a sea of pink and crimson.

Many revelers wore goggles to protect their eyes, and a few buildings were draped with cloth to maintain their walls, while some others got soaked with all the pulp, developing a spectacle worthy of a contemporary art painting.

The Tomatina is thought to have originated from a spontaneous bust-up among villagers in 1945.

It had been banned for some time throughout the 1950s at the height of General Francisco Franco’s dictatorship but lived to get popularity across Spain in the 1980s and now draws enormous crowds of people from overseas and Spaniards.

The city hall spread over 20,000 tickets to the festival this season.