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‘Please stop all crime’: Polish Authorities plea amid COVID-19 workload

They had been the light-hearted words of police since they confessed COVID-19 had added to their workload.

In a viral tweet, they stated the new coronavirus had”caused anxiety and enforced [them with] many new jobs”.

After requesting offenders to have a rest, they added: “We shall value the anticipated cooperation linked to refraining from committing offenses”.

The message has obtained over 10,000 enjoys and 2,000 retweets.

On a more critical note, Polish authorities are clamping down on some people who were easing bogus news on social networking, appearing to extort money throughout the pandemic.

Warnings also have been issued throughout the nation for possible offenders who may be dressed in overalls, offering to disinfect possessions before concealing things.

On Friday, the Polish Health Ministry verified 33 new cases of COVID-19 after lab tests.

The nation has up to now reported 411 total instances of coronavirus and 5 deaths.